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Tips to increase your protein intake

Tips to increase your protein intake

In this post, I talk about a few ways I use Unjury unflavored protein powder in my diet.

Unjury unflavored protein powder is the unsung hero in my diet!  At any given time, you will find a baby formula container or small tupperware container in my work bag with this powdered "gold" in it.  I challenge myself, AND ALL OF YOU, to add in one full scoop throughout the course of the day.  This adds a whopping 21 grams of protein toward my daily protein goal.  Here are some ways I use it:

Breakfast: one scrambled egg sprinkled with Unjury protein powder. I scramble it together with a small amount of fresh spinach, sliced cherry tomatoes, and few strips of green pepper.  

Snacks:  These can be sugar free pudding or jello, again, sprinkled with Unjury unflavored protein powder.  I also have sprinkled it into yogurt, cottage cheese, and low fat greek yogurt mixed with ranch seasoning for veggie dip.  

Lunch: I like to have soup or turkey and cheese roll-ups for lunch most days.  I sprinkle the powder into my soups after warming it.  For the roll-ups, I add some into a mix of mustard/low fat sour cream.  It is one of my favorite dips.  

Dinners: My go to dinners are spaghetti squash with a homemade pasta sauce, loaded GHP mashed potatoes with low fat cheese and a small amount of broccoli, and chicken salad on our Proti Dill chips.  For each of these meals, I add the Unjury unflavored protein powder to the liquidy portion of the meal.  (spaghetti sauce, water in the mashed potatoes, or greek yogurt/low fat mayo that I mix with the chicken salad)

I hope this helps you.  If you have any great ideas on how to use the Unjury unflavored protein powder, leave a comment below.  If you need a sample of it, please ask us next time you are in the office.  


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