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Texture Got You Down?

Texture Got You Down?

In this post, you will learn 2 new ways to zest up GHP store products that will change the flavor and texture.

Imagine this. You are preparing breakfast, the decaf is brewing, and your senses are on overdrive. It all smells amazing!  You take your first bite of breakfast.  Wait, what's that?  You take a second small bite.  Oh, the texture is.......well, different than you imagined.  


Did you know that developing a sensitivity to food textures can happen after surgery?  Here are 2 ideas to help change up the texture of common foods.


Grand Health Partners brand Sour Cream & Chive or Garlic Mashed Potatoes are quite tasty.  You can make them even better by placing a silver dollar size amount on a lightly sprayed air fryer or frying pan.  They edges start to crisp up and it changes the texture into a delightful small potato pancake.  

You can also use Grand Health Partners brand Cinnamon Apple or Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal into a yummy oatmeal waffle by placing a small amount into a mini waffle maker.  Again, the outside starts to brown giving a nice, new spin on the texture.  


These tips were shared by a fellow patient. (Thanks K.P.)  If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share, please email them to [email protected].  


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